About Us

Inspired Full-Service Event Production

MZMAK EVENTS (pronounced miz-mack) is a boutique event production firm specializing in music, comedy and art pop-ups and private events. Our mission is to "inspire to aspire": we aim to connect with local, aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs, to inspire them to make their dreams a reality.

We're big on community and any artist, venue, business, or organization we collaborate with is treated like family. We want to see you, your event and your community succeed, so we take a hands-on approach to everything we do. 


Whether it's an album premiere party, an event to celebrate a new business launch, a comedy showcase, or something in between, you can trust us take care of the details big and small, so you can focus on shining.

Tasha Mack, Founder

Creativity. Charisma. Execution. 

Tasha Mack is a goalaholic always looking for ways to highlight entrepreneurs, local talent and social influencers. With her background in Event Production, Media Management and Public Relations; She launched Mzmak Events in 2016. Being a creative herself, dabbling in performing arts and modelling; she discovered a niche market and values every aspect of it. 

Striding with a knowledgeable business mindset, her hustler-mentality,  video editing skills and natural gift of gab; she has been connecting memorable artists, networking B2B and producing events with vibrant aspiring GTA talent.

Keep up with Tasha's movement: @tasha_mack_

The Story of Mzmak Events, as told by fearless founder Tasha Mack

It all started at the beginning of summer '16. I was working as a Customer Service Coordinator for a Transformer Oil Company. At the time I was influenced by a lot of people around me that working a well paid 9-5 job was the way to go especially at my age, (as oppose to working late nights as a bartender). My life that summer leading into the winter was working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday then working at the brewery on weekends.. that year became so repetitive it turned exhausting.

At the office.. I would sit there, at my desk...watch email after email pop up.. client after client contact me.. & wonder... is this it? Is this what I'm meant to do? Is this my life? My future? Should I just bury my creativity? I always dreamed about being an entrepreneur but I'm making bank right now.


One day, I had an idea.. I jotted it down... continuously thought about it.. then spoke about it.. then a day came by where I decided to do something about it. I created a posting on all platforms... didn't have much detail, just "hey I'm looking to start my own company, any graphic designers out there?!" Immediately after my very good friend Carm contacted me.

Carm & I got together one Friday night brainstormed our butts off.. discussed the concept, the vision, the logo, the target audience and boom the idea has become my reality. That night changed the rest of my life. 

I took a chance, quit my job, lost my "security". Today I stand here, three years later as a proud half Gujarati, half Anglo Indian woman, born and raised in Dubai, the Founder of Mzmak Events, getting more inspired everyday by the amazing creatives and entrepreneurs of Toronto.